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Hey There, I'm Meena

In the enchanting realm of Tara Tales photography, I am Meena, a truly fortunate soul. Families bestow upon me the honor and privilege of documenting their newest bundles, capturing this extraordinary time in their lives. As a premier Newborn and Child photographer based in Austin, my focus extends to the realms of Maternity, birthday party, and Family Photography.

Newborns hold a fleeting, delicate charm, their tiny existence a treasure to be documented. As a parent, I understand the challenge of preserving these precious memories. Thus, I offer an opportunity to capture the innocence and sweetness of this stage for both parents and little ones to cherish.

Each client I encounter becomes a part of my cherished journey. Through my lens, I witness genuine connections and raw emotions. Newborns, children, and families open their hearts before me, unveiling moments that transcend time.

Beyond photography, I embrace the joys of caring for my own adorable child and remarkable husband. Friendship, painting, travel, culinary arts, movies, and fashion enrich my world. I extend my gratitude for your consideration and eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Tara Tales Photography, where every click captures the magic in your heart.

Embark on a captivating adventure where your unique story unfolds through the lens of Tara Tales photography. We artfully capture life’s timeless essence, weaving emotion into cherished memories that transcend generations.

When you book a session with me

When you book a session with me at Tara Tales Photography, I sincerely commit to providing you with the highest quality, unmatched talent, and exceptional experience. With every click of the shutter, I will immortalize the emotions, connections, and unique narratives that define your journey.

During your session, my undivided attention will be dedicated solely to you for 1-3 hours. Above all else, I value your needs and desires, ensuring everyone involved feels satisfied and at ease. Exceptional customer service is my passion, and I am committed to going above and beyond to deliver the best possible images, regardless of the circumstances. Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to newborns. With professional training in newborn posing and safety, I will provide your little one with a nurturing and secure environment.

Within the realm of Tara Tales Photography, I specialize in capturing the purest moments of newborns, birthday parties, families, children, babies, twins, and the beauty of maternity. However, time is a fleeting companion, and my calendar fills swiftly. I encourage you to embark on this extraordinary journey and book your session today, ensuring that the precious first days of your baby are forever preserved in the tapestry of your memories.

May this tale of timeless artistry and heartfelt connection inspire you to embrace the magic that lies within your story. Together, let us embark on a transformative voyage where every click of the camera breathes life into cherished moments and captures the essence of your soul.

Meet Meena, the enchanting Tara Tales photographer, certified by Pixelloid Studios in 2013. Witness the magical artistry, blending imagination and Adobe Photoshop effects seamlessly as she weave captivating tales through her lens.

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